Friends and Foes

by Tim Be Told

supported by
Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Sometimes I really go for Christian rock - not only because of the heartwarming lyrics, but because it frequently involves exquisite melodies and arrangements. Tim Ouyang aka "Tim Be Told" is an undisputable master of this genre, especially when it comes to ballads. With the mind-blowing selection of songs on "Friends and Foes", he certainly found much more new friends than foes. Favorite track: Friends and Foes.
C. Michael Pilato
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C. Michael Pilato Tim Be Told are masters of the pop music form. Lyrics, arrangement, and performance are always top notch -- with Tim's vocal acrobatics typically stealing top honors (while remaining genre-appropriate). Friends and Foes continues this trend. What's not to like?
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jadedseed I have been listening to this band for years... and their music has gotten me through rough times... listening to this new album is no different... This album put a smile on my face and a little hop in my step Favorite track: Fiction.


released December 25, 2016

Guitar/Bass: Andrew Chae
Violin: Michael Lu
Cello: Michael Chung

All songs written by Tim Ouyang
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by O Studio

Guest Vocalists: Jess Liao, Yolonda Jones, Calie Garrett, and Jae Jin


all rights reserved



Tim Be Told Charlottesville

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Track Name: Go Down Singing
Save my soul tonight
You could be my hope, my heart, my light
So let's not fear the fight
Things go wrong but we can get it right
So I'll reach out to you
Take my hand and I will hold yours too
Pain will come it's true
Don't give up and we will make it through

But when we look back and we see who are
And don't like what we find
Can we still keep on trying
And fast will we run though the end feels so far
But brave be my soul
While the daylight is dying

Wouldn't it be better if we hold on
Though everybody's gone
If we go down, we'll go down singing
And swinging to the ground (x2)

And when you learn to fly
Tell me how it feels to touch the sky
Then we'll travel back in time
And tell ourselves that everything is fine

When your load increases
Fall into pieces
It’s alright I will hold you until it ceases
No pain no feeling
No hurt no healing
If there are limits
then we will break that ceiling
Track Name: Friends and Foes
It all started with “I disagree”
And it all fell down
Only divided by what we believe
And the lines on the ground

I’ll play the judge
You play the jury
I’ll bang my gavel
While you unleash your fury

We scream and we shout
‘Til we lose our voices
Saying you take what’s yours and I’ll keep what is mine
Pointing our fingers at each other’s choices
‘Til friends become foes at the end of the line

Can we try to listen, before we say
“You are wrong”
Live and let live turns to “just walk away’
And you are gone

I wanted grace
You wanted justice
We both needed love
But we couldn’t trust it

How did we get here, is it too late
To heal our scars
How can a brother be someone you hate?
Is this all we are?

All I need is one more chance
To prove that we can survive.
Track Name: Fiction
Let me close my eyes
And fantasize a perfect day
Let me stay here with you
In my imagination
So I’ll steal the moon and make some room inside my heart
Let it glow And let go
Of all our expectations

Come let’s leave the world behind us
Let us dream in this sweet asylum

You’d hold me in your arms tonight
We’d talk to the stars and they would listen
Let all the lonely hearts unite
Let’s fall in love even if it’s fiction

Wherever in this Neverland you’d wait for me
Let us go and stroll through the constellations
Kiss me in a field of fireflies and cloudy skies
We’ll lie awhile in my imagination.

But what if you are really out there
not another story in my head?
And maybe you are looking for me
Lost inside the thorny woods instead
So hear my song tonight and I will
guide you in your dreams across the sea
Somewhere in the universe
There is a spell to break the curse
And lead you home to me.
Track Name: Love Me Back
All those secrets that you keep from me
I figured them all out
All those kisses you don’t think I see
They’re all over your mouth
Tell me your excuses go on say it with a smile
While I show you to the door
All these words honey I’ve heard before
They don’t mean a thing no more

Don’t apologize, I don’t need that
Cos all I wanted was for you to love me back
You’re a speeding train and I’m a broken track
And all I wanted was for you to love me back

Of all the times that you’ve run over me
I swear this is the last
We have no future just a tragedy
So welcome to my past
Tell me your excuses go on say it with a smile
While I show you to the door
All these words honey I’ve heard before
They don’t mean a thing no more

So go ahead blame it on me
And I will still be nice
Two hearts on fire and suddenly
They’re frozen into ice
Track Name: I Forgive You
Can you tell me why? Is this you saying goodbye?
Did I, suddenly get boring?
What is this about? Did my novelty wear out?
And how... is there nothing worth restoring?
You threw my heart into a stack
Gave me your love then took it back
For all of the dirt that you dragged me through
I forgive you

This is your dance and song
You point out all the ways I’m wrong
Now I see our shiny love is rusting
You point and blame
While you crucify my name
And you spread rumors like it’s nothing
Those words you spoke behind my back
They ripped my soul but you knew that
For all of the lies, you still pretend are true
I forgive you

You aim and strike, you do whatever you like
And I’m left picking up the pieces
We once embraced now you curse me to my face
And I’m patching up the dam before it breaches
I wanted peace but you attacked
I gave my love you hit me back
For all of those times that I broke in two
I forgive you

I’ll let this go and even though
You won’t apologize
Freedom will come when my anger is done
And soon I will realize
One day we’ll reach the other side
I’ll look at you and I’ll be fine
Until that day when we’ve made it through
I forgive you
Track Name: I'm Sorry I Failed You (feat. Jess Liao)
See the sun as it sets in the west tonight
The ground’s wet with my regret
And I made a mess again
So I cling to the last of the evening light
The sky breaks with my mistakes
It only hurts you in the end

I’m sorry I failed you
Oh I burned every good thing that you ever gave
And I blamed you
I’m sorry I failed you
I never earned anything not a thing you ever gave
And I never thanked you

I can tell all the hell that I put you through
I was lost with a heavy cross
And I was never really found
I wasn’t lying when I - gave my heart to you
But I run away when I’m afraid
Cos I’m scared you’ll let me down
Track Name: Starlight
Rescue me from the darkness
Raise me back from the dead
I think you could be the hero
For the monster invading my head

Had a little town, he burned it down
I built a city he knocked it to the ground
Then he blocked the sun, thought he had won
I punched him out and undid what he had done

Oh the monster he lied
and laughed when I cried
When I fall he calls me a dark sky
Oh those demons they try
To get me, but I am a dark sky
Filled with your starlight

There's a snake on my shoulder
He let's me know that he's here
Well I kicked him back to the shadows
'cause I won't be living in fear

Come and catch the sun (x2)

I won't stop 'cause you're not gonna let me go (x2)
Track Name: Hearts to Stone
We are born with a gentle heart
But it doesn't stay for long
When a man is torn he tears the world apart
Just to prove that he is strong

We keep our sadness, keep it deep inside
But it leaves a scar in the end
And souls are shattered when battered hearts collide
Afraid to break again

So we use words like knives
And cold shoulders like daggers
Piercing through our flesh and bone
Turning fragile hearts to stone

With every vicious word, every kick and blow
Another piece of us will die
And these voices follow no matter where we go
Slowly eating us alive

So much sadness so much pain we hide
Guarding bitter thoughts til the end
And souls are shattered when battered hearts collide
Afraid to break again

And every sadness buried deep inside
Maybe time will heal in the end
And maybe someone will break through these lines
And help us feel again
Track Name: Maybe
What if I never try
Maybe I’ll never fail
I’ll anchor here, pretend to steer
But never set sail

I’ll build a wall
Thick and tall
To cover my heart
Love won’t win
Don’t let it in
And don’t fall apart

Maybe love is still stronger though our hearts may be weak
Maybe stars will shine brighter when the darkness is bleak
Maybe hope is still better than to run away and hide
Maybe fear has no power when we reach out and fly
Track Name: Lay Your Burdens Down
Under the steeple we were all God's people
If we loved one another, sisters and brothers
But then the preacher told me, God loves the straight man only
Straight is the same as holy so saith the Lord

Father could you ever love a person like me?
Or did you seal the gates above and throw out the keys
You say we are your children if we trust and believe
So God please don't forget about the children like me

While the world was sleeping I'd stay up weeping
Wondering who was the liar, my God or my desire
If straight means holy then I -- I guess I don't mind lonely
But what if we have this life only, what if I was wrong?

They say I'm ruined, but I'm only human
They say, it could be Satan, but God I'm your creation
What is and isn't sin, I'll let it go and let you in
All this time I was praying, all this time you were saying...

Come lay your burdens down on me
Track Name: Faith and Time
You took a breath and held it in
Traded your soul for thicker skin
Fear was strong so you let it win
and you hid yourself away

You’re standing there with your broken heart
But no one knows that you’re in the dark
Being brave is always hard
But do it anyway

You can take your shackles off and leave them behind
Give it some faith and time
Give it some faith and time
You will make it over all the mountains you climb
Give it some faith and time
Give it some faith and time

So many wounds so little time
You’re so alone but say you’re fine
It beats you up and leaves you blind
But you never let them see

They turn you down it’s nothing new
Another test to make it through
But God is watching over you
So let yourself be free

No more crying, no more shame
No more guilt and no more blame
No more anger in Jesus name

You can take your shackles off and leave them behind
Give it some faith and time
Give it some faith and time
You will make it over all the mountains you climb
Give it some faith and time
Give it some faith and time
Track Name: The Great Divide (feat. Yolonda Jones, Jae Jin and Calie Garrett)
Can’t you see what’s deep within
Instead of the color of my skin
You and I both cry in pain
When I bleed we bleed the same

If we live or die
Can we leave it better?
Can we make it through together
If we just try
Can we break these lines
Can we blend our colors
Can we maybe reach each other
‘Cross the great divide

Can’t you see the fear inside
Got no money and I got no pride
Tell me pick yourself up it’s not hard
Rich and poor still a world apart

Don’t be yourself they’ll make you pay
So I went and hid myself away
They say that’s for boys and that’s for girls
That is how they split the world

Put away your shield and sword
Drop your gun and fight no more
Say a prayer to the God above
Let’s light a fire fill the world with love

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