From The Inside - EP

by Tim Be Told



Includes bonus track, "Honor You" when you download the full album.


released October 19, 2009

Produced by Regan Sprenkle
Asst. Producer: Chris Keup
Mixed by Stewart Meyers
Piano: Tim Ouyang
Vocals: Tim Ouyang
Guitars: Andrew Chae and Luan Nguyen
Drums: Jim Barredo
Bass: Parker Stanley
Strings: Ann Marie Calhoun
Wurlitzer and Organ: Daniel Clarke


all rights reserved



Tim Be Told Charlottesville

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Track Name: Analyze
Dear friend please tell me who I am and start from the inside
Or wait instead, before it's said: all these monsters I couldn't hide
beneath the bed, are in my head. If I was stronger they would have died
But every once in a while I'm terrified....

Hey you could you analyze my state of mind my, state of mind?
What did you recognize what did you find, what did you find?
Of better days I'll fantasize am I satisfied, am I satisfied?
Get rid of this low feeling with soul healing
Get rid of this low feeling with soul healing

Please talk, before the clock runs out and I'm still a mystery
You're not so wise. I apologize, I still care what you think of me.
Cause to survive, I criticize all the people that I'll never be
The truth is I bruise too easily...

Convince me it's alright
That loneliness will subside
My hands tied, surrendered
to all these storms that I weathered
Are you listening? Whatever.
Why is this taking forever?
Heal it quick, I don't care how
just fix me now....
Track Name: Wealth and Poverty
Allow me to introduce you to some friends of mine
They have both kept me company at some point in time
One takes you captive, her comforts attractive
While the beggars sit and wait at her door
And with her you will always want more
Wealth, why do you exist
and why are you so hard to resist?
We purchase we pay, we hope it gets better
but hope is sold for the day
Wealth and Poverty stay

And then there's Poverty she's
hard to shake
Cause till death do us part is the same as forever
She'll rob you dry, o you should see her cry
when you find out you don't have anymore.
She replies, "that is why you are poor."
Poverty should you exist?
"Yes of course," the rich men insist
They'll give you a dollar and hope it gets better
but hope is sold for the day
Wealth and Poverty stay

Why does it have to be so separate and clean?
Abundance, destitution no in between
And why do we desperately cling to our extremes?

Mercy, do you exist?
"Yes of course," the good men insist
But mercy is silent 'cause no one will let her
Give us hope for the dayThe love that I taste
Wealth and Poverty stay
Track Name: Third Wheel
He dangles you in front of me like a hooked worm in the sea
Fishin' for an angry stare
But I'm tryin' to play it cool cuz I won't be played a fool
and I'll pretend that I don't care

Excuse the immature expression it's slight regression in the things a usually say
Baby I was here first, but I guess that he wins today

So get out of my way
with you two I'm done
with pretending it's fun
I'm tired of these third wheel games
Cause high school is over
and I'm getting older

You always say that I belong, that I'm included but you're wrong, you brush me off so casually
You're company's more than I can bear, you can't have both and think it's fair
You'll have to choose eventually

Can I have your full attention to this one objection in a point I have to relay
He'll never deserve you, that's it, I got nothin' left to say

I'm tired of his stories and his tall tales
everyone sees through the lie
Hey, good try Mr. Fly Guy,
I don't want her back so goodbye

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