Mighty Sound

by Tim Be Told

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Charles Qian
Charles Qian thumbnail
Charles Qian This unfailingly is the song I go to when I feel attacked, discouraged, defenseless, vulnerable, torn up, beaten, ashamed, miserable, emotionless, etc. Incredible track... Favorite track: The Battle Hymn (feat. Jae Jin, Michelle Chae, Psalm Bird, and Calie Garrett).
seonghuhn thumbnail
seonghuhn Love, love, love this album. Love the vocals, lyrics are interesting and inspiring. Favorite tracks are Man Made Mess, Mighty Sound, Wasted, Battle Hymn. Favorite track: Man Made Mess.
Cathy thumbnail
Cathy Tim Be Told never ceases to create relatable songs of joy and sorrow, love and overcoming. Favorite track: Mighty Sound.
Keith Fong
Keith Fong thumbnail
Keith Fong awesome! i love the references to 1 Corinthians 1 Favorite track: Fools Marching.



released December 16, 2013

Produced by Tim Ouyang
All songs written by Tim Ouyang
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Ouyang
Artwork by Natalie Ho, Darren Lo, and Tim Ouyang

© 2013 Tim Be Told

Keys and Vocals: Tim Ouyang

Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Chae

Drums: Caleb Wu

Cello: Nathan Chan

Violin: Michael Lu

Percussion: Ramon Ho (Temple of Stone, Just Say When)

Additional Vocals:
Jinny Kim (Just Say When)
Jae Jin (The Battle Hymn)
Michelle Chae (The Battle Hymn)
Daijha Solomon (The Battle Hymn)
Calie Garrett (The Battle Hymn)

Thank you:
To our amazing families (the Ouyang’s, the Chae’s and the Wu’s) who have supported us, housed us, and prayed for us through every circumstance. To all our dear friends at East Bay Free Methodist who took us in and made us part of your community (and letting us use the church to record drums). Lynnie and Candie for cooking for us, believing in us and for demonstrating true kindness and hospitality. Russell, for typing out lyrics until 2 am. Keiske, for showing us how to use that insane mixing board. Michael, Nathan, Jinny, Daijha, Calie, Jae, Michelle, for lending your incredible talents and gifts to this album. Ramon, for being the best manager and friend we could have ever asked for. Dennis, for your incredible work on the Mighty Sound video. The Wongs, for letting us take over your entire third floor and letting random musicians come in and out of your home. To all of our friends and family who have walked alongside us on this journey. To our amazing fans who did not forget about us even when things got tough.
Thank you God for your steady love and grace in these past 7 years. We pray this album brings you glory and brings hope to those who need it most.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Fools Marching
It took me a while to see the dream was all gone, like a fool I kept singing my song
I keep talk talk talking like nothing is wrong, just fool, carrying on
I tried to live it well, but I can barely breathe as the devil he dared me to bend
Is to stay alive and keep our souls from dying a desperate mans hope in the end?

See the suns gone we can’t see where we are, are we fools for marching through the dark?
And though the light’s gone we can’t be very far yes the fools are marching through the dark

I was young and strong, and then was weak and I fell
Like a fool I thought all would be well
I keep walk walk walking so that no one can tell
that my heartache is a prison cell
I tried to keep the faith, but it’s so hard to believe as my doubts they conspire to the end
So I’m holding out, praying God would heal
It’s a desperate hope to defend

The wise man said give up your fight
That hope is for fools and he’s right
But I won’t give up, no I won’t give up

If we hold on, and though we carry scars, God is with us marching through the dark
Turn the light on, and hope will bring us far, yes the fools are marching through the dark

So turn the light on, cuz home is not too far God is with us marching through the dark
Track Name: Rescue Me
Sights and sounds distract me from my purpose in this sad charade
So I beat the ground with leaps and bounds
If they can found then I’ll find a way, to be free evermore, but still can be sure if I found what I’m looking for

But all I found was misery, it stole the ground from under me, now I always stand out, in a crowd of, love and victory
I was nothing, til you rescued me
I was nothing nothing nothing, til you rescued me

Tightly bound in a worldly fetters six feet down as I waste away
The preacher told me to pray, but I turned away, in beauty and pleasure I stored up my treasure, all the riches a man never needs,
but the rich are still poor, and the wise still unsure, and I don’t know what I’m looking for

If I came like a beggar, you stood like a king,
and my black heart would tremble, and heaven would sing
You saved me, yes you saved , yes you saved me from my misery
You saved me, yes you saved, you’re erasing all my history
Track Name: Mighty Sound
No more than a hundred years are we given
And we spend most of that to sruvive than barely living
As soon as we’re born, we’re starting to die, to be immortal is still just a lie
Running a race, no one is winning
Is it true in one man, we are forgiven
That he held our souls in his hands from the beginning
Or is this just one chance that we get to live our lives without regret
pay no heed to whether or not we are sinning

Will we live forever, will the saints receive their crowns
Will we be remembered, when we’re six feet under the ground
Or can a short life, still make a mighty sound

All the wars and disease and the cries and pleas and the fearing,
and the faith that we had long ago now disappearing
Millions of souls beg you to hear, for most of us you’re hardly near
We still pray, hoping you’re listening

Will this last forever, will our hopes and dreams be drowned
Our prayers never remembered as our tears soaked through the ground
Or can a small voice still make a mighty sound

Can a fearful heart still find courage when there’s no more faith to be found
Can a broken world, still make a mighty sound

Will we live forever, will the lost and last be found
Our sorrows never remembered, as every knee falls to the ground
And a short life will make a mighty,
and a million voices will make a mighty,
and a broken world will make a mighty sound
Track Name: Just Say When (feat. Jinny Kim)
In circles we go, the carousel is slowing down
So keep your head low, our house of cards is blowing around

If I stand still, will we be alright if I don’t mess it up again?
If I stand still, maybe we won’t fight and I’ll stay silent up until then
And if you’re through, just say when

And as far as I know, you don’t know what I’m talking about
I'll cry as you go, who'd have ever thought that sorrow could be so loud

And can you hear us screaming at the top of our lungs again?
And watch this glass house shrinking as we fight, fight to the bitter end
And I am thinking you can’t carry the load I bear
Track Name: Wasted
Cease your soul's endeavor
You should quit while you're ahead
'Cause few will make it ever
Try the safer road instead

How long till it gets better?
Ask yourself before you're dead
If you're content with never
By all means then go ahead

Was it all wasted?
All we did to survive?
If we cut split and run now
at least we can say that we tried

Was it all wasted?
Every wall that we climbed?
Or maybe God was listening to
every single prayer that we cried.

Let's put this back together
If it's not beyond repair
But doubt was Oh so clever
And convinced me to despair

The dark approaching weather
threatens everything to end
But it won't last forever
Yes the sun will rise again

Let's put all the past behind
And faith by no fears confined
Though the river we cross is wide
God will be on our side.

Was it all wasted?
All we did to survive?
If we cut split and run now
at least we can say that we tried

Was it all wasted?
Trying to keep hope alive?
Or maybe God was listening to
every single prayer that we cried.
Track Name: Lock The Door
I’m past the point of no return
I’m taking what’s left and letting it burn
I gave you love that you never earned, and you never will

You can’t even see I’m letting you go
I will be gone before you will know
I tried to wait for our love to grow, but it never will

So I’ll lock the door and hide the keys, you won’t feel my love again
I won’t take you back, if you were on your knees, anyway you would never beg

You told me you loved me with tears in your eyes, but even tears can turn into lies
You said your love, would never die, and it never will
And so you started slipping away, you said it’d get better if I could just wait
I tried my best but it was just too late, and it always will

I’ll keep my heart locked in this room, board up the windows and seal up the tomb
These cracks in my walls, I’m scared they will fall too soon, ‘cause I want you still

So I’ll lock the door, and hope that you find the keys, so I can feel your love again
Please take me back, look I am on my knees, though I was never one to beg
Track Name: Man Made Mess
If I had the strength to do whats right, I wouldn’t let you hold my heart so tight
If God above would help me fight, I would run away from you tonight

Baby could you hold it give me just a moment, I just need to catch my breath
Hear the storm a blowin', baby we both know that this could be life or death
You rushed in like a hurricane and threw me down,
You knocked the wind out of me and you rained until I drowned
innocent lives lost, when love and disaster cross, dying in a man made mess I caused

I’m scared that God my soul may smite, if I could let you go I’d see the light
If heaven help me then I might, maybe I can save my soul tonight

Baby could you hold it give me just a moment, I just need to catch my breath
Hear the storm a blowin', baby we both know that this could be life or death
Please let go of my hand you have to understand we’re headed for a greater fall
I'll try my best to stand thinking I'm a better man, but guess I wasn’t after all
Track Name: Your Love Is Bigger
Could a great God understand me, and would he heal me when I’m broken
I’ve heard that you can be demanding, but you will love us til we’re whole again
Cause I tried to be like you and I fell so far
But you died because you knew that I'd be saved by your scars
And if the devil points his angry stare, at all the idols I have kissed
Though my sins are many, they are more than I can list
Your love is bigger than this

Could a good God be commanding the world to fall apart around me?
Could it be grace that keeps me standing,
and a loving God who has a plan for everything?

'cause I’d die to be like you and I’ve come so far
And I’ll walk close beside you please never let me stray too far
And they could burn me at the stake or stone me til I break, but the darkness will not win
And though the devil, may remind me of my sin,
Your love is bigger than him
Your love is bigger than the ocean

Though I am still here breaking, you will love me til I'm whole again
Your love is bigger than the ocean

No depth below me, no power above is bigger than your love (is bigger than your love)
No pain no sorrow under the sun, is bigger than your love, (is bigger than your love)
Track Name: Cover Up Your Scars
Did you ever hear I love you so, from a lover 2000 years ago?
Well you say that a man, shouldn’t be alone
So I wonder, yes I wonder did you ever called someone your own

You never had a lover, but if you ever did, would they ever break your heart?
Are you strong enough to recover, or would you just forgive?
Or maybe you would fall apart, and cover up your scars

Did you love someone below, but then the father told you no
He said say your goodbyes, to the cross you go
Yes I wonder yes I wonder, but I guess I’ll never know

What if there’s more to this story of what you gave for glory, it’s hidden deep in the stars
Could it be while you were dying, your broken heart was crying, for the lover you would have to depart
Then you covered up your scars
Track Name: Temple of Stone
Brick by brick with stilts and sticks, you build your empire walls
Trick by trick you punch and kick, until the other falls
You primp and press expensive dress as if God himself would be impressed that you look your very best

So raise up, your kingdoms and thrones, turn the broken and the weak away
‘Cause God is not in your temple of stone
He’s the outcast of these walls you’ve made

Lip to lip you lie and quip to bring you brother down
You tear and strip then crack your whip to twist a thorny crown
Too proud to share or ever carry burdens you refuse to bear while you stand afar and stare

So you will be like Jericho and I will sing with a mighty blow, til your walls come down

There is a kingdom and throne where the weak are never turned away
‘Cause God is not in a temple of stone, he’s with the people who cry out his name

Brick by brick with stilts and sticks, you build your empire walls
Track Name: Your Highness
You set me on fire, til I’m burnt charred and black
You crush my desires, til I’m broken and cracked

But everybody knows that’s how the story goes
And I’m stuck listening to silence
I always try to make it through, but baby I still fall for you
Oh what can I do, you got me reeling in the silence, oh my confidence has come undone
You got me kneeling, oo your highness
tried to fight but you already won

You drown me in love, then hung me out there to dry
‘Cause your love was gone, while you led me on
Its time for goodbye

I always try to make it through, but baby I still fall for you
what can I do, I’m gonna get over get over get over
I’m gonna get over, get over you
Track Name: Winners and Losers
Everywhere there’s a beautiful, there’s an ugly that stares
Wondering, would it be wonderful if they knew I was there
When there’s love there is a lonely man with an ache he can’t bear
Lookin' 'round at a lovely world that never will care

Where there’s life there’s a dying girl trying to lift up a prayer
The desperate hope of a dying soul slipping into despair
Where there’s joy there's a crying saint asking God are you there
‘cause I starting to see really no one is free and life isn’t fair

And there will always be the winners and the losers
in a world, where the lucky are surviving
And we may never be the shakers or the movers, but the losers we will still keep trying

Where there’s faith there the devil stands, catching us unaware
He says stop crying father you silly fool cause God isn’t there
He says the strong survive, and the weak will die
if there’s a God then He never really cared,

he says I am the winner, and you are the loser
In a world, that is ever still divided
And you will never be a shaker or a mover, and you loser, why do you keep trying?

Ugly unappealing
while I bury down this feeling
how could anybody ever really love a loser like me,
but God you are revealing
that my soul is slowly healing
and suddenly this feeling is gone

God save the sinners and God help the losers in a world where we're barely surviving
When we are shaken you are the mountain mover, and the losers become winners by your dying
Track Name: The Battle Hymn (feat. Jae Jin, Michelle Chae, Psalm Bird, and Calie Garrett)
Every widow, orphan child
Every prodigal unreconciled
Every beggar turn your gaze above
Come home into his arms of love

The harlot and the robber scorned
Clothed in garments soiled and torn
Jesus Christ will wash away your sins
And he'll love you 'til you're whole again

You deaf and blind do not despair
In sickness or in health declare
"Behold the risen King and empty cave!
God has conquered death and crushed the grave!"

God to you we've cried and prayed
Before the cross our hopes we've laid
And curse the lies denying you are real
Holding onto faith that you will heal

You prisoners and bartered slaves
You captives of the war be brave
Lift your shackled hands in victory
And the Lord of Love will set you free

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, every broken heart be brave!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, yes the Lord will make a way!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, yes the Lord will make a way!

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