Winners and Losers

from Mighty Sound (Deluxe) by Tim Be Told

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Everywhere there’s a beautiful, there’s an ugly that stares
Wondering, would it be wonderful if they knew I was there
When there’s love there is a lonely man with an ache he can’t bear
Lookin' 'round at a lovely world that never will care

Where there’s life there’s a dying girl trying to lift up a prayer
The desperate hope of a dying soul slipping into despair
Where there’s joy there's a crying saint asking God are you there
‘cause I starting to see really no one is free and life isn’t fair

And there will always be the winners and the losers
in a world, where the lucky are surviving
And we may never be the shakers or the movers, but the losers we will still keep trying

Where there’s faith there the devil stands, catching us unaware
He says stop crying father you silly fool cause God isn’t there
He says the strong survive, and the weak will die
if there’s a God then He never really cared,

he says I am the winner, and you are the loser
In a world, that is ever still divided
And you will never be a shaker or a mover, and you loser, why do you keep trying?

Ugly unappealing
while I bury down this feeling
how could anybody ever really love a loser like me,
but God you are revealing
that my soul is slowly healing
and suddenly this feeling is gone

God save the sinners and God help the losers in a world where we're barely surviving
When we are shaken you are the mountain mover, and the losers become winners by your dying


from Mighty Sound (Deluxe), released October 6, 2015


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Tim Be Told Charlottesville

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