Third Wheel

from From The Inside - EP by Tim Be Told



He dangles you in front of me like a hooked worm in the sea
Fishin' for an angry stare
But I'm tryin' to play it cool cuz I won't be played a fool
and I'll pretend that I don't care

Excuse the immature expression it's slight regression in the things a usually say
Baby I was here first, but I guess that he wins today

So get out of my way
with you two I'm done
with pretending it's fun
I'm tired of these third wheel games
Cause high school is over
and I'm getting older

You always say that I belong, that I'm included but you're wrong, you brush me off so casually
You're company's more than I can bear, you can't have both and think it's fair
You'll have to choose eventually

Can I have your full attention to this one objection in a point I have to relay
He'll never deserve you, that's it, I got nothin' left to say

I'm tired of his stories and his tall tales
everyone sees through the lie
Hey, good try Mr. Fly Guy,
I don't want her back so goodbye


from From The Inside - EP, released October 19, 2009


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Tim Be Told Charlottesville

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